Being a judge at The British Pie Awards

On the 25th April 2012 I had the honour of being a judge at British Pie Awards 2012 –, before I talk about my day as a judge I want to sum up the awards in numbers: 1 Supreme Champion – Dunkleys – Chicken, Ham, Mushroom, Buttered Leeks & Suet Pastry Pie 1 SpecialContinue reading “Being a judge at The British Pie Awards”

One of Lincolnshire’s Hidden Gems

The other Sunday I was at a loose end so decided to head out to the coast to one of my favourite places in Lincolnshire, Anderby Creek. I know we don’t have lots of crowds in Lincolnshire but if you want somewhere to go that is a complete escape from it all, Anderby Creek is theContinue reading “One of Lincolnshire’s Hidden Gems”