May 2022 – Conditional Living

May for me has been quite an emotionally tough month for many different reasons but also a month of realisations and lightbulb moments too. As I mentioned last month, I had planned to do some daily actions for 100 days leading up to my 45th birthday – when I thought of the challenge, I thoughtContinue reading “May 2022 – Conditional Living”

September 2021 – Broken Record

And just like that, we’re through 3/4 of 2021!! September was a full-on month with work and business activities, the days and weeks just seem to go by in a blink of an eye, which is awesome and so pleased with how this area of my life is developing, however, it comes at a costContinue reading “September 2021 – Broken Record”

August 2021 – A decade of Firecracker

This month the business has got crazy busy which I’m ecstatic about as have felt for a long time that it might be time for a complete change, my belly fire is still burning bright but my head was saying something different these feelings were heightened this month too because Firecracker celebrated being 10 yearsContinue reading “August 2021 – A decade of Firecracker”

July 2021 – Running on Empty

July is a bit of a strange month for me, it’s my birthday month which I often find challenging. I feel like I’m running on empty, completely devoid of energy, exhausted and lost all my mojo for life, not in a depressed way so to speak but just no motivation to do things I usuallyContinue reading “July 2021 – Running on Empty”

June 2021 – All change…

Back in February (which feels a lifetime ago) I was given the opportunity to do some visiting tutor hours as part of the business and enterprise team at Bishop Grosseteste University here in Lincoln, I was teaching two modules for the first years and although I’ve been a trainer for over 20 years I’ve hardlyContinue reading “June 2021 – All change…”

March 2021 – Vanilla Caterpillar

March has been a strange kind of month for me, I’ve had several realisation that have affected me deeply. Back over Christmas, I made a promise to myself that 2021 would be different, I would invest in myself and my business more!! Some might think I do this already and maybe I do a littleContinue reading “March 2021 – Vanilla Caterpillar”

December 2020 – Feeling at home

Well, that’s 2020 done and dusted, good riddance some might say, and there is no denying that this might be a year that we may wish to forget but will actually find quite hard to erase from our memories. For me, the end of the year signifies a time for reflection and time off forContinue reading “December 2020 – Feeling at home”

August 2020 – Leap of Faith

August has been a month of two halves really, as some of you will have seen the first 14 days were all about me completing #75Hard then the rest of the month was all about resting and reflecting on this achievement. I had some amazing comments and feedback to my challenge, so thank you ifContinue reading “August 2020 – Leap of Faith”

Slow and steady wins the day

I’ve been a qualified nutritionist for over 12 years and a personal trainer for 18 years, this was way before social media, fitpros and influencers existed as we know them today.  The principles and values I stand by today around food, fitness and health are the same as the ones I had even before IContinue reading “Slow and steady wins the day”

May 2020 – Stop and stare

Another month has gone by and it’s been quite a transformative month for me and my mindset. Some of the motivation I get from doing things for others is that I don’t want any of my friends and loved ones to feel like I do sometimes. So just after lockdown started I decided that IContinue reading “May 2020 – Stop and stare”