Cider Apple Pulled Pork

Here’s my recipe for pulled pork, the cider works well as the cooking liquor and the apple and onion add in some sweetness. Ingredients: 1.5kg Pork shoulder joint Bottle of cider 1 Bramley apple 1 Onion Knorr concentrated chicken stock/1 stockpot/1stock cube A few sprigs of fresh thyme 1 tbsp oil (I used rapeseed butContinue reading “Cider Apple Pulled Pork”

February 2020 – Rock Bottom

This month has been truly rubbish!! At times I’ve felt completely hopeless and helpless. In fact, I felt like I’d hit rock bottom, this caused lots of tears, many sleepless nights and feeling like a complete failure. Getting a job I’ve found is actually not that easy, applications I’ve submitted for jobs where I thoughtContinue reading “February 2020 – Rock Bottom”