Slow and steady wins the day

I’ve been a qualified nutritionist for over 12 years and a personal trainer for 18 years, this was way before social media, fitpros and influencers existed as we know them today.  The principles and values I stand by today around food, fitness and health are the same as the ones I had even before IContinue reading “Slow and steady wins the day”

Sept – Head/Heart Dilemma

Well, that’s another month done and can’t believe how quickly this year seems to have gone by. With renewed energy and optimism Sept started well. On the 2nd Sept I started a challenge called challenge120 as I noticed that it marked 120 days until the end of the year and really wanted to commit toContinue reading “Sept – Head/Heart Dilemma”

January – could have started better

If the start of January is anything to go by then this year is going to really suck arse!! The year started with a broken boiler, car in the garage and a printer that wouldn’t switch on. They say things come in 3’s so here’s hoping I’ve had the yearly quota of broken things!! ThankfullyContinue reading “January – could have started better”

What do you see when you look in the mirror?

As the year draws to a close often we are drawn to reviewing the year that has gone by and looking forward to the coming year, as I was getting dressed this morning ready for the day ahead I caught my reflection in the mirror and it made me think about what I see whenContinue reading “What do you see when you look in the mirror?”