May 2022 – Conditional Living

May for me has been quite an emotionally tough month for many different reasons but also a month of realisations and lightbulb moments too. As I mentioned last month, I had planned to do some daily actions for 100 days leading up to my 45th birthday – when I thought of the challenge, I thoughtContinue reading “May 2022 – Conditional Living”

February 2022 – Mojo where are you…

God knows where this month has gone, I probably say that every month!! The beginning of Feb was a real struggle mentally as recently I’ve lost all motivation to exercise and it was getting to me. I’ve been into exercise for as long as I can remember, at school, I played whatever sport I couldContinue reading “February 2022 – Mojo where are you…”

January 2022 – Being Authentically Me

Here we go again, another year to achieve our dreams! Like lots of other people, I find January a little overwhelming, all the talk about what will you achieve this year, plans and activities just tires me out thinking about it! Don’t get me wrong, if this kind of planning works for you then greatContinue reading “January 2022 – Being Authentically Me”

July 2021 – Running on Empty

July is a bit of a strange month for me, it’s my birthday month which I often find challenging. I feel like I’m running on empty, completely devoid of energy, exhausted and lost all my mojo for life, not in a depressed way so to speak but just no motivation to do things I usuallyContinue reading “July 2021 – Running on Empty”

Slow and steady wins the day

I’ve been a qualified nutritionist for over 12 years and a personal trainer for 18 years, this was way before social media, fitpros and influencers existed as we know them today.  The principles and values I stand by today around food, fitness and health are the same as the ones I had even before IContinue reading “Slow and steady wins the day”

Cider Apple Pulled Pork

Here’s my recipe for pulled pork, the cider works well as the cooking liquor and the apple and onion add in some sweetness. Ingredients: 1.5kg Pork shoulder joint Bottle of cider 1 Bramley apple 1 Onion Knorr concentrated chicken stock/1 stockpot/1stock cube A few sprigs of fresh thyme 1 tbsp oil (I used rapeseed butContinue reading “Cider Apple Pulled Pork”