Week Two of Operation Body Shape

Well it’s a week since I started Operation Body Shape, and things have started off well.

Have managed to get to the gym 5 times (1 swim, 2 CV and 2 Weights sessions) also done 1.5 hours of Just Dance on the Wii!! Whether this is sustainable is anyone’s guess but right now I’m feeling good and enjoying being active.

On the food front, it’s been harder- not to eat less but to cook less!! But I’m sticking with it and not feeling hungry at all and when I do get peckish, I’ve got lots of fruit and raw veg to snack on.

PJ asked in my last post what foods am I eating to keep my energy up, well I’m just trying to eat foods that keep my blood sugar balanced so that I don’t get any sugar highs or sugar lows. These foods are mainly whole-grains; it’s harder for the body to break them down so gives you lots of slow release energy, and the other rule I always stick to is to make sure I have protein at every meal.  Again this helps to slow down the digestion process to give you longer lasting energy and also it keeps the hunger pangs at bay.

So for example for breakfast I have a small bowl of porridge with berry compote and some live yoghurt, then on top of all that I sprinkle some nuts, usually either cashew or pecan, but it doesn’t really matter as long as it’s a small amount of protein.

Other suggestions are:

Oatcakes with peanut/nut butter

Oatcakes with hummus

Vegetables sticks with hummus

A small handful of nuts

Sprinkle of seeds on your salad or cereal/porridge

I’ve also decided to clear out my wardrobe, there are so many clothes in it which don’t fit me now but might do when I’ve changed my body shape, but will I want to wear them? Maybe and maybe not, but it’s all about moving forward and looking to the future. No matter what people say, I feel there are lots of memories tied up in clothes, some of these are good and some aren’t, so getting rid of them feels like I’m letting go of the past.

In the first post I said that my goal was to change my body shape and not necessarily think about my weight; this is still true, but I have weighed myself this week as I feel that I need to know my starting point, and I have to say I was shocked when I did find out how much I weigh. I’m totally embarrassed by the figure. I am only planning on weighing myself once a month as I don’t want to get hung up on it.  I am also doing my body measurements as another way to measure my progress; again I will only do this once a month.

The main way I will know if I’m moving towards my goal is the way I feel about my body and the way my clothes fit me. That is really all that matters for me. Weights and measurements are just figures and don’t really mean anything.

So the plan for week two is to continue with the exercise/activity and to continue to eat smaller portions. I’m also going to the rowing club this coming Sunday, so next week will let you know how I get on.


Published by lincolnshiregirl

I'm 40 something gal living in the beautiful county of Lincolnshire, England. I run my own business which is a rollercoaster of good times and bad times but it is what makes life interesting. I'm a self-confessed foodie, which some people might think is bordering an obsession, but a good obsession I would say. I am a fully qualified food technologist, nutritionist and personal trainer and use my skills and knowledge to keep striving to better myself in all areas of my life. Despite being dyslexic I love reading both fiction and non-fiction books and usually have four or five on the go at any one time. I enjoy keeping myself fit and healthy by regular visits to the gym as well as enjoying open water swimming and sometimes I'm brave enough to swim without a wetsuit. This blog is all about my life and adventures.

3 thoughts on “Week Two of Operation Body Shape

  1. Well done Rachel, especially with the exercise! I know I’ve put weight on in the last month or so (mince pies & cream mmmm!), I try not to weigh myself very often but can tell as i just feel uncomfortable & my blouse was really tight yesterday that used to be fine! I’ve stopped the chocolate & alcohol but still not made it to the gym or on the just dance – really need to get some motivation, hoping your blog will help! Keep it up! xx

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