The Crossfit Diaries – Part One

As many of you know I’m a bit of a gym bunny, I always have been & think I’ll always will be, my interest in fitness & exercise peaked when I qualified as a personal trainer (PT) now 12 years ago (that really does make me feel old!!) and again I had renewed interest in it when I was studying Nutritional Therapy & the link between the food (energy) you put in the body & the energy you get out.

Anyway, about six months ago I decided to review my fitness goals and activity as I didn’t feel that it was really effective. My main goal is to be as fit as I possibly can be (Now don’t shoot me as this isn’t a SMART goal, but I think i’ll know when I reach it) and at the time I was going to David Lloyd 4/5 times a week, dividing my time between cardiovascular workouts, weight training and swimming sessions and had been doing this religiously for around 7 years yet I didn’t feel like I was really pushing my body anymore, I’d got stuck in a rut and yes as a PT I knew what I was supposed to do but actually doing that, with so much other stuff going on in my life, I never quite found the time to write an effective programme that would help me achieve my fitness goals. And yes I enjoyed going to the gym but I have to say what I know now, the gym was soul-less!! Everyone just plugged into the machines oblivious of everyone else… Another point to add is I’ve never been much of an class girl, preferring to do my own thing!!

So when a friend in January this year mentioned to me that a new CrossFit gym was opening in Lincoln I was intrigued to learn more, up until this point I’d never heard of CrossFit & I bet some of you haven’t either.

So with a bit of courage I went along to Cross Fit Witham when they had an open day to see what it was all about & was hooked straightaway!!


CrossFit is a way to exercise that helps you become fit for life (meaning making your every day life easier). There are 10 areas that a CrossFit workout will help you with:

  1. Cardiovascular and Respiratory endurance,
  2. Stamina
  3. Strength
  4. Flexibility
  5. Power
  6. Speed
  7. Coordination
  8. Agility
  9. Balance
  10. Accuracy

So, how do they achieve all these things? Well every day there is a Workout Of the Day (WOD) which everyone who attends that day will do the same WOD and your scores are recorded, it’s not really a competition between everyone but against yourself & beating your previous scores!! And the great thing about WOD is that your body never gets used to it as everyday you are challenged to do something different. All the exercises are scale-able so if you are new to exercise you can still take part and then build up.

Now i’ve only been a few times at writing this post but I’ve realised its more than just a workout!! It’s a way of life, it’s a community where everyone is rooting for each other to achieve success at whatever level they are working at and that’s something I’ve missed since giving up hockey a couple of years ago!!

At the end of August this year some of the guys and gals from the box (What the gym is called) participated in Tribal Clash ( a crossfit competition and my goal is to be able to enter it in 2015 as well as feel like i’ve achieved the goal I mentioned above and I’d like to take you along on my journey in an online diary of my progress, each month I’ll tell you how i’m getting on but it will be more than that, I want to share with you the different aspects that make crossfit one of the fastest growing exercise regimes there is around, this will include:

  • Food and nutrition (obviously I couldn’t not mention food being slightly obsessed about it)
  • The lingo
  • The regime
  • The equipment
  • The competitons
  • The community

and much more…

A way I will be measuring my progress is with stats, my body measurements but also the personal bests I’m getting during my workouts, as my personal best are a little thin on the ground right now (only done 5 WOD so far). I’ll give you my starting measurements as of today 10th September 2014

  • AGE: 37
  • Weight: 13 stone, 5lb
  • Height: 5 foot, 5 inches
  • BMI: 31.1 (I know this isn’t very accurate as doesn’t take into account muscle mass but it’s another stat I can use to see my progress)
  • Chest: 40 inches
  • Waist: 36 inches
  • Hips: 48 inches
  • Thigh: (R) 27.5 inches, (L) 27.5 inches
  • Bicep: (R) 13 inches, (L) 14 inches

So the hard work starts now… eekk!! Check back in a month to see how I’m getting.

Published by lincolnshiregirl

I'm 40 something gal living in the beautiful county of Lincolnshire, England. I run my own business which is a rollercoaster of good times and bad times but it is what makes life interesting. I'm a self-confessed foodie, which some people might think is bordering an obsession, but a good obsession I would say. I am a fully qualified food technologist, nutritionist and personal trainer and use my skills and knowledge to keep striving to better myself in all areas of my life. Despite being dyslexic I love reading both fiction and non-fiction books and usually have four or five on the go at any one time. I enjoy keeping myself fit and healthy by regular visits to the gym as well as enjoying open water swimming and sometimes I'm brave enough to swim without a wetsuit. This blog is all about my life and adventures.

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