CrossFit Diaries, Part Three – The Lingo

That’s October done and dusted & it’s been a bit of a tough month!!

Didn’t start off well as I had a cold for the first few days which knocked me off my stride a bit which left me wondering if CrossFit was for me, there has been a few teary drives back home after the WOD/Inter-club qualifiers :0(!! (I’ve thought a couple of times about quitting, but most people who know me know I’m not a quitter & very hard on myself & my achievements)

This is mainly because I’m getting frustrated with not being able to do the things that others can do and yes I know I’m only at the start of this CrossFit journey but it’s still hard to take when you’re always the last to finish, lifting the lightest weight & struggling to do the most basic of exercises which others just do so easily and even harder to carry on when people start packing away their equipment when you are still struggling to do reps/exercises, every time this happens my heart sinks (it’s only happened a couple of times), I know it’s not personal but it smashes the idea I had that CrossFit is a community where everyone is rooting for each other!! I know this might sound harsh (Sorry Adam & George) but it’s true, in every other areas of the box I have found everyone really friendly & very supportive but this little thing really gets my goat as it makes you feel so inferior/rubbish and a knock of confidence!!

It never gets easy, you just get better

Thankfully October did turn around and i managed to get into a great routine of getting to the box & I started to notice that I was making some small gains/improvements!!

I now can do box jumps at 20 inch (when I started I could only do step ups), I can also do a few burpees in a row, one was a struggle in July!! I’m also noticing that slowly but surely I’m getting stronger & can lift heavier weight and my technique is improving.

So before I talk about the Lingo of CrossFit, here are my stats, in October I managed 17 Crossfit workouts & 2 runs (17km).

  • Weight: 13 Stone, 3lb – 1lb loss (2lb loss in total)
  • BMI: 30.7 – 0.2 reduction (0.4 reduction in total)
  • Chest: 39.5 inches – 0.5 inch gain (0.5 inch loss in total)
  • Waist: 34 inches – No change (2 inch loss in total)
  • Hips: 47.5 inches – No change (0.5 inch loss in total)
  • Thigh (R): 27 inches – No change (0.5 inch loss in total)
  • Thigh (L): 26.5 inches – 0.5 inch loss (1 inch loss in total)
  • Bicep (R): 14.5 inches – 0.5 inch gain (1.5 inch gain in total)
  • Bicep (L): 13.5 inches – 1.5 inch gain (1.5 inch gain in total)

So not much change here, I’m a little gutted that the hard work I thought i’d put in over the month would be reflected in the stats but I know that my diet/food intake has been all over the place this month (judging a sausage competition didn’t help, several trips to London & a few pieces of cake!!) and the saying “You can’t exercise away a bad diet” rings true, not that my diet is bad by any means but I know it can be a lot better, so the goal for November is to focus on diet & food to see if I can start to make some better gains than I have this month!!

So now for the all important Lingo of CrossFit

  • The Box – Where we go to do CrossFit
  • WOD – Workout Of the Day
  • AMRAP – As Many Reps/Rounds As Possible – Either as quickly as possible or within a given time-frame
  • EMOM – Every Minute on the Minute – An example – 6 box jumps, 6 deadlifts
  • GTOH – Ground To Over Head
  • STOH – Should To Over Head
  • TTB – Toes To Bar
  • CTB – Chest To Bar
  • HSPU’s – HandStand Push Ups – I’d not done a handstand in over 25 years let alone be able to do a push up, when I tried I face-planted the mat!!
  • DU’s – Double Unders – Skipping where the rope has to go under your feet twice before you land (My nemesis!!! Need to practice more especially as in the workouts if you can’t do DU’s you have to do 3 times as many normal skips)
  • KB Swings – Kettle Bell Swings
  • Deload Week – This is one week a month where the WODs focus less on strength to give our muscles a chance to recover & adapt.
  • Fran, Grace (The Girls, see picture below) – These are standardise workouts which you can work on, great way of measuring progress & a little healthy competition between athletes!!

The Girls

So overall, October has been a mixed bag, but I’m still smiling (just) and more determined than ever to  get the hang of CrossFit!! In Novembers diary exert I’ll fill you in on the in-house competition i’m taking part in & CrossFit competitions in general and as always my progress!!

Until next time, keep active!!

Rachel x

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I'm 40 something gal living in the beautiful county of Lincolnshire, England. I run my own business which is a rollercoaster of good times and bad times but it is what makes life interesting. I'm a self-confessed foodie, which some people might think is bordering an obsession, but a good obsession I would say. I am a fully qualified food technologist, nutritionist and personal trainer and use my skills and knowledge to keep striving to better myself in all areas of my life. Despite being dyslexic I love reading both fiction and non-fiction books and usually have four or five on the go at any one time. I enjoy keeping myself fit and healthy by regular visits to the gym as well as enjoying open water swimming and sometimes I'm brave enough to swim without a wetsuit. This blog is all about my life and adventures.

2 thoughts on “CrossFit Diaries, Part Three – The Lingo

  1. More important than the size of the weights or the pace of the workout is your form. Take satisfaction from knowing you’re doing what you can to lift properly, and the rest will get there.

  2. Thanks Caronbot for your comment and yes you are right it’s about getting your form right and then building on that but it’s my competitive nature that makes me want to do as much as others!!

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